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Bill of Materials

Uploading your bill of materials document or any list of parts onto MyArrow reveals customized pricing, inventory levels, and product alternatives. Keep your entire team on the same page by sharing your BOM with other MyArrow users, facilitating convenient collaboration regarding pricing, quantity, and items needed.

Within one simple view, explore buying options, purchase directly from the BOM tool, or request quotes from the Arrow Sales Team by using the quote cart.

Part Cross Grading

Prevents Shortages

Receive alternatives for parts that might be low-stock or discontinued.

Graded Parts

Ranks parts based on how well they match your requested component.

Saves Time

Gathers all relevant part information into one convenient dashboard.

Accurate Insights

Partnership with SiliconExpert ensures up-to-date data.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Low Risk: Feel confident in your components.

Medium Risk: Some components should be reevaluated for crosses.

High Risk: Reevaluate all components.

Unknown Risk: Not enough information.

SiliconExpert, a leader in product lifecycle management, grades each of your BOMs based on the following four factors:

  • Life Cycle Risk: Occurs when the product is in the maturity phase and on the downward trajectory towards obsolescence.
  • Inventory Risk: Refers to the availability of the component in the general market.
  • Environmental Risk: Evaluates whether or not the parts comply with environmental regulations.
  • Multi-Sourcing Risk: Calls out the added risk assumed when components originate from a single source since your BOM faces uncertainty if the source runs into any issues.

Buying Options

MyArrow offers Tape & Reel, Cut Strip, and Arrow Reel (APAC & NA) to ensure you receive your items in the optimal packaging configuration for your shipments. As you consider these options, utilize the tool’s streamlined design that optimizes user-experience by displaying tariff information, Arrow Reel availability and improved filtering so we can help you consider every factor before you move forward with purchasing decisions.

Upload multiple quantities or use our multiplier for board quantities to examine pricing scenarios and view how different amounts impact when you will receive your items. View pricing for each quantity and assign the Active Quantity to compare the results and find the option that best matches your needs. Download your parts list that outlines all buying options and part crosses for offline access.