MyArrow Training - Buying Options for a Bill of Materials

Buying Options for a Bill of Materials

Posted on Nov 12, 2020. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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You need your supply chain to be as smooth-running and adaptable as possible to ensure an uninterrupted flow of components for your projects. With a wide range of packaging types and buying options for your list of parts or BOM, MyArrow will help you achieve your supply objectives. In the BOM tool, it’s easy to view all of the buying options for your project based on location and packaging type (Tape & Reel, Arrow Reel*, Tube, etc.). Our updated buying options tool now includes a horizontal design (for less scrolling), tariff information, Arrow Reel* availability, and improved filtering functionality so you don’t miss any buying options you might have accidentally filtered out.

*Arrow Reel is not available on MyArrow in EMEA. Please contact your Arrow Sales Representative to request Arrow Reeling.

How Do I Select the Right Buying Options?

  1. Click BOMs at the top of the dashboard. Then select a BOM from previously uploaded BOMs or upload a new BOM to get started.
  2. Find the part you would like to change the buying options for and click buying options.
  3. Decide how you would like to allocate your desired purchase quantity.
    1. Your desired quantity can be allocated across multiple buying options. You are not limited to just one!
    2. Prices, pipelines, and lead time are specific to each option available.
  4. Click save in the bottom right-hand corner of the menu. Your buying options will be locked in and you can then purchase those parts directly from the BOM tool.
    1. Each part with buying options listed might have different buying options, so it’s smart to check all the parts in your BOM.
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