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BOM Customer Part Number Creation

Posted on Jun 19, 2019. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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If you’ve been interested in creating Customer Part Numbers (CPNs) then BOM is the place for you! You can now create CPNs inside your BOM, or while uploading your BOM.

How to create a CPN

  1. Bulk Upload – for many CPNs to be created
  2. Individually add CPNs – for specific parts

Note: Once a CPN has been created, it will take ~2 hours before it can be used in part search or other areas on MyArrow.

Option 1 – Bulk Upload

The Bulk Upload method is helpful if you are attempting to create several CPNs at once.

  1. Click BOMs at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Click Upload a File or drag a file from your computer onto the BOM screen (Note: The BOM tool can process up to 3,000 lines. Anything over 3,000 lines will require creating a new BOM).
  3. Click Upload, then the Column Mapping screen will come up. Make sure that all of the information on the screen is correct (If multiple sheets exist, choose the correct file to map under File Uploaded).
  4. Map all of your columns. Make sure your CPN column is mapped.
  5. If your CPN column is mapped, you’ll see text appear at the bottom of the screen asking if you’d like CPNs not in our system to be created. Make sure “Yes” is selected.
  6. Once ready, click View BOM to see your new BOM.
    1. If you chose to have CPNs created in the system, they will be automatically approved and will be visible across all of MyArrow in ~2 hours.
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Option 2 – Individually add CPNs

If you need to create a CPN for an existing BOM, or if you only have a few CPNs to create, you can easily do so inside a BOM you have already created.

  1. Click the BOM with the part(s) you need to create CPNs for.
  2. Once your BOM is loaded, click the CPN link on the part you want to create a CPN for. This will open a new popup to create CPNs.
  3. Enter the name of your new CPN.
    1. Newly created CPN are in a pending status.
    2. CPNs are automatically approved and will appear in part search in ~2 hours!
    3. You can also use this technique to edit CPNs if they need to change for any reason.
  4. Click create
  5. Click the CPN you just created in the Approved CPNs list 
  6. Click submit and your CPN can be used across MyArrow (even in part search)
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