MyArrow Training - Connecting Part Numbers to End Customers

Connecting end customers to part numbers

Posted on Oct 7, 2019. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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Contract Management has never been easier. Now you can connect your part numbers to an end customer with MyArrow’s BOM tool!

  • End customers (ECs) are connected to part numbers via CPNs (Customer Part Numbers)
  • Each CPN can have up to 5 end customers connected to it
  • Only existing end customers can be connected to CPNs. Currently, end customers cannot be created in MyArrow

2 options for creating CPN to EC Connections

  1. Bulk Upload – Create many CPNs and connect many ECs to them all at once
  2. Individually add ECs to CPNs in the BOM tool for specific parts

Note: Once a CPN has been created, it will take ~2 hours before it can be used in part search or other areas on MyArrow.

Option 1 – Bulk Upload

  1. Create a spreadsheet to Upload to the BOM tool
  2. Add an End Customer column to the spreadsheet
  3. Follow the Bulk Upload Method for creating multiple CPNs at one time
  4. Once your BOM loads, you should see the end customer you selected underneath the CPN for the part you attached it to

Option 2 – Individually add End Customers

  1. Open the BOM that has parts you would like to connect end customers to.
    • Note: This BOM must have CPNs in it. If you don’t have any make sure to add CPNs to your BOM.
  2. Click the CPN link on the part you want to create a CPN for. This will open a popup window for CPN creation.
    • If you already have end customers associated with a CPN and want to change them, click the end customer link instead of the CPN link.
  3. Enter a CPN name.
  4. Select up to 5 end customers to add to that CPN.
  5. Click create and then select the correct CPN and End customers from the saved CPNs field.
  6. Click submit.

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