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How to use the BOM tool for fast and easy price comparisons on multiple quantities

Posted on Mar 16, 2021. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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Quickly visualize the data in your BOM across different quantities.

The MyArrow Bill of Materials tool now offers the ability to scale your production by comparing purchasing strategies side-by-side for up to three different quantities per line item. This new feature adds up the total cost based on price breaks for each quantity so you can see the cost savings as you go.

How to add multiple quantities to your BOM:

  • Upload a spreadsheet with multiple quantities
  • Add additional quantities to an already existing BOM

Uploading a spreadsheet with multiple quantities

  1. Upload a BOM with multiple target quantities.
  2. On the Column Mapping screen, select the header for each of your quantities.
    • You can upload up to three quantities to each BOM.
  3. Select View BOM to see your target quantities.
  4. To see pricing for a specific quantity, select Set Active Quantity by clicking the dropdown next to your desired quantity.
  5. Remove or add more quantities from this same dropdown window.

Adding quantities to an existing BOM

  1. Choose an existing BOM.
  2. Select the dropdown next to quantity 1.
  3. Select Add New Quantity.
  4. Choose a multiplier you would like to apply to every part in your new quantity column and click apply.
  5. To see pricing for a specific quantity, select Set Active Quantity by clicking the dropdown next to your desired quantity.
  6. You can edit each line to create different multipliers for each line item in your BOM.

Note: If you want to have a different multiplier added to each line in your BOM, it’s best to upload a spreadsheet with multiple quantities. To do this for a few lines, you need to edit your desired quantity in the active quantity column for each line.

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