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How to View Lead Time & Pipeline

Posted on Oct 4, 2018. Featured in New on MyArrow , Purchasing .
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Improve Your Supply Chain Resiliency with Lead Time & Pipeline Information on MyArrow

Understanding when Arrow is going to receive a new shipment of parts is crucial to managing your supply chain. That’s why MyArrow displays lead time and pipeline information in part search and on the list of parts (BOM) tool.

Lead Time – The number of weeks before Arrow will receive another shipment of the part you are looking at.
Pipeline – The date and quantity that Arrow is expected to receive based on the current lead time.

*Note: MyArrow does not always display pipeline or lead time. These fields are only displayed when available and accurate.

Lead Time & Pipeline in Part Search

Search for a Part and then the pipeline and lead time for that part will be displayed in the respective columns on the right side of the page. If you’re unsure how to search for parts, check out our How to Search for Parts guide.

Lead Time & Pipeline on the BOM Tool

Open one of your recent BOMs to see the pipeline and lead time displayed in a single column on the right side of your BOM. Check out our Creating a Bill of Materials guide to get started if you don’t have a BOM or list of parts yet.

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