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Part Search Cross Tool

Posted on Feb 13, 2023. Featured in New on MyArrow , Purchasing .
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 Cover shortages and keep your production lines running by using MyArrow’s Part Search Cross Tool. 

Item out of stock? Arrow makes it easy for you to cover shortages by providing part crosses for products that are temporarily unavailable. This visibility allows you to plan for how to deal with parts that are experiencing sourcing or lifecycle issues.  

What are Part Crosses?

A part cross is a suggestion about another product that may be a good substitute for the product you are looking at. In the world of electronics, parts crosses are important because some components can be used interchangeably with other components, even if they might be from different manufacturers or have different pricing. The purpose of this parts cross tool is to highlight suitable alternatives so that you’re able to make the most informed sourcing decisions.


Prevents Shortages by providing alternative choices for parts that are temporarily unavailable. 

Saves Time by assembling all relevant data into a compact, easy-to-use format. 

How to View Part Crosses 

Part crosses will appear when the part you are searching for is out-of-stock.  

  1. Parts with crosses will display “Cross References are available for this part” in orange  
  2. Click “Show Cross References” to display crosses for the part you are searching for 
  3. Crosses are also displayed on the product page. Click on the product name to open the product page 
  4. Crosses are displayed at the top of the product page 
  5. Select the alternative product that you would like to use as a cross reference
  6. Purchase your part cross