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Same day shipment report

Posted on Jun 7, 2022. Featured in New on MyArrow .
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Quickly identify which parts will leave Arrow’s warehouses today

Knowing which parts have shipped and when they will arrive on your dock is essential to keeping your production line moving. Identifying which parts have shipped on a specific day or even late on a Friday afternoon used to be a difficult ask, but not with MyArrow. All you need to do is set up a quick filter on your orders page to get access to which orders have shipped that day as well as their tracking numbers.

Once you’ve set up the filter you can save it for quick access later. You can also set it as your default so your orders page will automatically filter based on the orders that have shipped that day every time you log in. Plus, if you need to share the data, you can quickly download it to Excel and share it with anyone.

How to set up a same day shipment filter

  1. Navigate to your orders page on MyArrow
  2. Select ‘Manage Filters’
  3. In the Mange Filters pop up, select ‘Choose Custom Options’
  4. Name your filter something like “Same Day Shipments,” then select ‘Shipped’ underneath item status
  5. Select ‘Shipped’ as your date category, ‘Current’ as your relation, and ‘Day’ as your duration
  6. Click ‘Test Filter’ and make sure all of the orders that show up match the criteria of shipping today
    a. Note: If you don’t have any orders shipping today, nothing will show up when you test the filter
  7. After you’ve confirmed everything is working properly, click ‘Save Filter’

This filter will now show up in the ‘Saved Custom Filters’ dropdown. You can quickly toggle to it on every time you come back to your orders page, or you can set it as your default in the ‘Manage Filters’ pop up. If you choose a custom filter as your default, it will show up every time you view the orders page and you will have to clear it to see other orders that don’t match the criteria.

We do not recommend subscribing to this report because subscriptions are delivered every morning and there probably won’t be many orders that meet the filter criteria in the morning.

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