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Supply Chain Risk Evaluation

Posted on Mar 11, 2020. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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Analyze Your List of Parts with our BOM Grading Tool

Every list of parts (BOM) on MyArrow will now feature a supply chain risk grade of A, B, C, or Unknown. Each BOM is analyzed based on four key risk factors: lifecycle, inventory, environmental, and multi-sourcing.

How do I view my risk?

Your risk grade will be in the top left of every BOM. If you want to view more details about the risk of your BOM, click ‘see more’ to receive a breakdown of how many parts in your BOM fall into each of the four risk factor categories.

BOM Risk Explained

  • Lifecycle Risk
    • Like any product, electronics components follow a life cycle from introduction to decline. Components with a lifecycle risk are generally in the maturity phase of their life cycle and could be moving towards decline or obsolescence
  • Inventory Risk
    • Inventory risk refers to the amount of stock currently available in the market, not what is reflected in your BOM
  • Environmental Risk
    • Environmental risk refers to whether or not your components comply with the latest environmental regulations
  • Multi-Sourcing Risk
    • If your components are only coming from a single source, there is a higher risk to your BOM if that source runs into issues

Understanding Your Grade

  • Low Risk
    • You can feel confident that your BOM is made up of great components that can be used to create a great product for the foreseeable future.
  • Medium Risk
    • Some of the components in your BOM may need to be reevaluated for crosses, but you can generally feel confident in the components that make up your product.
  • High Risk
    • You should re-evaluate the components in your BOM. There are several risk factors for key components in your BOM and you should take action quickly.
  • Unknown Risk
    • Currently, there is not enough information about the components in your BOM to give it a defined risk grade. We are constantly working to improve our grades, so check back to see if your grade has been updated.

Where does my grade come from?

MyArrow has partnered with Silicon Expert, a leader in product lifecycle management, to provide you with a grade on each of your BOMs. Currently, you will be able to view your BOM grade and how many parts fall within each BOM risk category, which is coming directly from Silicon Expert.

Silicon Expert offers a comprehensive BOM manager that will give you in-depth information about each of your parts in each BOM category (cross suggestions, lifecycle statuses, forecasts, etc.). If you already have a Silicon Expert account, you can access these features after clicking “see more” next to your BOM grade. If you don’t have an account, click below to learn more or start a free trial.

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