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Uploading a Purchase Order

Posted on Sep 9, 2018. Featured in New on MyArrow , Purchasing .
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Tired of wasting time? Streamline your purchase order process with PO Upload on MyArrow!

Uploading PO’s instead of manually entering them or searching for parts offers many benefits…

First. It saves so much time. All you have to do is log in, click PO Upload from the dashboard, select a file, and click upload. Then you can focus on more important things on your to-do list.

Second. You can upload in your predefined format (PDF, XLS, XLSX, etc.), so upload and save yourself some time!

Third. Uploading decreases the chance of PO errors. Yep, you heard right, uploading your PO with MyArrow will improve the accuracy of your order placement. No more last-minute fixes or receiving the wrong product, place orders with confidence.

Fourth. Be first in line for available inventory. By saving time uploading your PO, you’ll be ahead of others who are still entering their orders manually.

Fifth. Automation means no keystroking, what more could you want?

How do I upload my PO?

  1. Click ‘PO Upload’ on your dashboard
  2. Enter your PO number
  3. Click ‘Choose a file’
  4. Click ‘Upload PO’
  5. Wait until you see Purchase Order Uploaded Successfully, then you’re in business!

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