MyArrow Training - How to View and Print Invoices

View and Print Invoices on MyArrow

Posted on Sep 9, 2018. Featured in New on MyArrow , Order Management .
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Printing an invoice should be simple, right? With MyArrow, it is. No need to call in and have your invoice emailed to you. Just log in to MyArrow, choose the right invoice, and download it to your computer.

How to access invoices

There are two simple ways to access and print an invoice on MyArrow.

  • Option 1 – Download and print directly from your backlog
  • Option 2 – Download and print from within a purchase order

Option 1

  1. Select ‘Shipped’ under your orders preview
  2. Click ‘View All Shipped in Last 30 Days’
  3. Click ‘View Invoice’
  4. In the popup window click “View Invoice’
  5. Download or Print the PDF

Option 2

  1. Within a purchase order click ‘View Invoice’
  2. In the popup window click “View Invoice’
  3. Download or Print the PDF

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