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Viewing Options for a Bill of Materials

Posted on Sep 10, 2018. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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You Asked. We Delivered – Viewing 4 Lines on a BOM is now standard on MyArrow!

The MyArrow team is always listening to feedback and working hard to make every process on MyArrow simple and straightforward. Uploading your BOM, making edits, and moving on with your procurement is essential to being an efficient purchaser. After getting lots of feedback asking for more lines in a single view, we got right on it. We’re always looking to improve MyArrow, read more below to see how we improved our BOM viewing process or Upload a BOM to see it for yourself!

Data Density – View 4 Lines on a BOM instead of 2!

Now on MyArrow, you can decide how you want to view your Bill of Materials. Choose default view for a large, easy to read, and in-depth look at your BOM. Or choose compact view for a quick way to see more lines per page on a larger BOM.  We’ve also reduced the header size on all BOM’s so that you can see more of what’s important to you! Compact view allows you to:

  • See more parts per screen thanks to reduced row height on compact view
  • Filter through your BOM better with an all-new header and filters
  • View the information you originally uploaded with your BOM (manufacturer, part number, and customer part number)
  • Access crosses more with a pop-up instead of the pop-down from default view

New Header vs. Old Header

The new BOM header allows you to view more lines on a single screen. This gives you the ability to analyze more parts per BOM screen, simplifies parts comparison, and allows you to complete your BOM process quickly!

New Header

Old Header

If you have any great suggestions for MyArrow, feel free to reach out!

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