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Arrow Electronics partners with electronics manufacturers from across the globe to offer a diverse and powerful range of products. From audio components to actuators, diodes to development systems, our selection of products from hundreds of world-class manufacturers is designed to get you the technology you need to fuel your design. Explore our manufacturer list below to find what you need to bring your next project to life.

Featured Suppliers

Semiconductor Linecard

Arrow is the source for all of the semiconductors you need. Start your board from the ground up with processors, sensors, transistors, memory and more from the suppliers you trust.

Passive & Connector Linecard

Whether it’s ruggedized connectors for harsh environments, passive components for signal conditioning or surge protection, electromechanical products for automation needs, or power supplies to drive current for any application; Arrow has the components you need to complete your design.

Linecard Instructions

1. Click on the “Download Linecard” button to download the excel file.

2. Click “Read Only” on the pop up to gain access to the document. No password is necessary.

3. An excel file will open with Arrow’s Linecard.

4. If you would like to filter by semiconductors or passives & connectors (PEMCO), click the filter as shown in the screenshot below.