How to Contact Your Arrow Representative or the MyArrow Support Team

Posted on Sep 12, 2018. Featured in New on MyArrow .
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MyArrow makes contacting your Arrow Representative or a MyArrow team member simple. You can contact a representative in 4 different places within the MyArrow platform:

  • Dashboard
  • Orders Page
  • Quote Cart
  • Shopping Cart


  1. Click “Contact” at the top of the dashboard
  2. Contact our Customer Support Team or your Arrow Representative by clicking any of the links within the drop-down

Orders Page

  1. Navigate to the Orders Page
  2. Select an order that you would like your Arrow Representative to review
  3. Click “Email Sales Representative”
  4. Select the email address you would like the email to send from and which Arrow Representative you would like to contact
    • Note: You can add an additional email if you would like
  5. Add a message
  6. Click “Send Email” and your Arrow Representative will get back to you

Quote Cart

  1. Navigate to your Quote Cart
  2. Before submitting your quote, add any additional information you would like your Arrow Representative to review before they process your quote.

Shopping Cart

  1. Navigate to your Shopping Cart
  2. Confirm that you have the correct parts in your cart with the correct request dates and then click checkout
  3. Select the ‘I would like my Sales Representative to review this order before it is finalized’ checkbox
  4. Leave a comment for your Arrow Representative to review
  5. Review and place your order

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