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Resubmit Expired Quotes

Posted on Sep 10, 2019. Featured in New on MyArrow , Quotes .
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Create a new quote from an expired quote in seconds with MyArrow.

Quoting online should be simple, that’s why we built the ability for you to request a new quote from one that has already expired.

  • Expired quotes will only show on MyArrow for 30 days after they have expired
  • Once a quote has expired, it will no longer show pricing
  • Requesting a new quote from a quote that has expired will place the request in your quote cart.
    • Note: Make sure to submit the quote request from the quote cart

How do I resubmit an expired quote?

  1. Navigate to the quotes section of MyArrow
  2. Select an expired quote
  3. Select the line items you would like to requote
  4. Click ‘Request a Quote’
  5. Go to your quote cart to submit the quote request

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