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Part Cross Grading Tool

Posted on Jul 9, 2021. Featured in Bill of Materials , New on MyArrow .
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An exclusive collaboration with SiliconExpert, this tool allows for increased supply chain flexibility and adaptability. Visibility of part crosses allows procurement professionals to plan around parts that may be experiencing sourcing or lifecycle issues.


  • Prevents Shortages by providing alternative choices for parts that might be low-stock or temporarily unavailable.
  • Simplifies Your Supply Chain by evaluating parts based on match quality, availability, life-cycle, etc. – then grading them A, B, or C. With this information, users can choose to purchase that part, or else select another part that may be a better match for their needs.
  • Saves Time by assembling all relevant data into a compact, easy-to-use format.
  • Provides Accurate Insights: MyArrow has partnered with SiliconExpert to ensure that the data shown in the BOM part cross-grading tool is relevant and up to date.

What are Parts Crosses?

  • A part cross is a suggestion about another product that may be a good substitute for the product you are looking at. In the world of electronics, parts crosses are important because some components can be used interchangeably with other components, even if they might be from different manufacturers or have different pricing. The purpose of this parts cross tool is to highlight suitable alternatives so that you’re able to make the most informed sourcing decisions.

How Do I View Crosses for Parts?

1. Click ‘View Crosses’ from within a BOM

2. Mouse over and click the arrow next to the grade in the grey bar to sort by the quality of the cross

3. Select the part number for substitution, then click ‘Select Cross’

4. If you don’t like the cross you selected or chose the cross by mistake, click ‘View Cross’ on the updated part and select your previous part at the top of the window. If you click ‘Select Previous Part’ the BOM tool will undo the cross you just selected.

Understanding Cross Grades

  • A — Exact matches and exact upgrades only are given a score of “A”. You can have confidence that the suggested crosses will be identical in function to the selected part.
  • B — Similar matches and similar upgrades are given a “B” score. The suggested parts will likely be a good fit for your application, but they may require additional verification.
  • C — Similar downgrades get a score of “C”. These suggestions may not be the best, but are still a viable option, especially if a lower cost may be desired.

Where do Cross Grades Come From?

SiliconExpert, a leader in product lifecycle management, is’s partner in providing data to support the BOM Cross-Grading Tool. Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert ensures companies design and maintain sustainable products with transformative visibility to their supply chains.
(Source: SiliconExpert)

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